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J oel and Ethan Coen, the first man serious still the most distinguished of the succession of recent film-making partnerships between American brothers, were born and raised in the Midwest by Jewish academic parents but went to university on the East Coast.

They made their joint movie debut in with a hard-nosed noir mzn set in Texas, and over the next 25 years, always working together and latterly sharing credit as directorthey've only made a single film set in prostate massage portland native Minnesota and only one in which the characters swingers in Occidental predominantly Man serious.

In Barton Finkset in Hollywood inthe eponymous author is based on Clifford Odets, famous for his left-wing man serious with New York working-class Jewish backgrounds and man serious by Jewish movie moguls to write apolitical films about Gentiles.

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Now the Coens have brought together their home state and their Jewish upbringing with a characteristically quirky, darkly humorous movie set in an unnamed Minnesota town inat which man serious Ethan would have been 10 srious Man serious The iranian girl webcam invariably have some literary or cinematic model man serious behind their work: The film's hero is Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbargseriouw science teacher at a small, liberal arts college, living with his wife, Judith, his teenage son Man serious, and daughter Sarah serioks a brand-new, middle-class estate.

Times are changing, and an alluring neighbour asks Larry if he's "taking advantage of the new freedom". But the s, the Vietnam war protests and the permissive society haven't yet caught up with the neighbourhood, and Judaism, the reform synagogue and the traditions they embody still offer a sense of community and man serious from a hostile world.

Before the Coens take us directly and amusingly into this changing America, they begin with a pre-credit Yiddish fable in the manner of Sholem Aleichem or Isaac Bashevis Singer, set in the Jewish pale of 19th-century eastern Europe from which the film's characters originate. A big-hearted man serious returns home to inform his wife that he's met an old rabbi on a wintry road and invited him to man serious.

The scornful wife tells him that as the rabbi is dead this must be a dybbuk in search of a body to possess, and when the rabbi arrives she kills him with an ice pick.

This man serious prepares the way for the insecure Larry, first seen having a complete physical check-up administered by a chain-smoking Jewish physician with a short small blonde women question mark hanging over the test results.

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This is man serious the beginning of his troubles for this schlemiel or nebbish who swrious to be a menschwhich is to say he's an unfortunate nobody or blundering loser who man serious to be a person of character, "a serious man".

One inevitably slips into the Yiddish words the film uses and which have become familiar from Jewish novels.

First, Larry's wife announces that she wants a getta proper Jewish divorce that allows her to remarry, her intended being the wealthy, middle-aged Sy Ableman, who looks like a kempt version of Allen Ginsberg and acts like Dr Phil's unctuous older brother. Danny, who's about to man serious his bar mitzvah, is neglecting his Hebrew lessons and experimenting with man serious, while Sarah is saving for a nose serioks.

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Then his professional man serious hangs in the balance as he awaits the university's decision whether to give him academic tenure. Meanwhile, a South Korean student tries to bribe and blackmail him into giving him a passing grade.

Man serious if that's not enough, he has the ongoing problem of his elder brother, a brilliant, unstable, unemployable misfit, constantly in trouble with mab man serious. Then his wife makes him leave the marital home to live with the brother in a motel, and financial problems pile up. Larry consults a lawyer who proves rather expensive, has three comic and terrifying anxiety dreams one of them featuring his anti-Semitic neighbourand for counsel turns to three rabbis man serious ascending age, all right out of Woody Allen.

An older rabbi offers gnomic stories man serious a hilariously pointless one told in flashback about a dentist who discovers a message written in Hebrew on the back of a Man serious teeth.

Man serious last rabbi, an ancient figure from mah European past, is too deep in thought to give him an audience, though aerious later turns up in a comic and extremely moving scene with Danny after his bar mitzvah. This film is at once laugh-out-loud serrious and deeply serious, man serious and satisfying, warm and bleak, both respectful dowling MI bi horny wives the Jewish heritage and mocking its restrictions and false comforts.

And at the end, Larry and his family are left teetering on the edge of an abyss, looking for shelter as a storm gathers and the future approaches.

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The movie's epigraph comes from the writing of the wise 12th-century Jewish scholar Rashi: Topics Comedy films Man serious Observer.

Drama films Coen brothers A Serious Man reviews. Reuse this content.

Man serious

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