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Housewices 5 years leap I know that it is a major cliffhanger but stop attacking it since you have only seen a sample. I personally liked desperate housewives for free, since it had both unexpected and expected elements. Haven't you ever told yourself "oh my god, some time ago if they told me i would turn out the way I have, I would laugh! I think that this time-shift added the story lines for next season pretty realistically.

Desperate housewives for free also want to say, that Susan not being with Mike wasn't presented as something dramatic. From the music of that last scene you can understand that depserate reaction that deslerate is more like "well would you look at that!

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The detective asks his name and Katherine says he is called Wayne Davis. The detective sighs and smiles, she asks him, "What? Katherine tells him to believe her when desperate housewives for free says that he wasn't a hell of a husband.

He asks her if this is about some payback for an ancient housewive dispute. Katherine begs and says "Please, you have to do something, because once Wayne is done with Adam, he's going to come after me. And this desperate housewives for free he's gonna kill me. I know it. He asks her to fill out some paperwork. Katherine picks up the paperwork and stares at it, a thought desperate housewives for free to her and she slams it back down on the desk.

Katherine is now in her house, rushing about, frantic, with clothing and packing her bags. Dylan is confused as asks deseprate to stop as she's not making any sense.

Katherine tells her that they don't have time, Wayne is coming, he took Adam and they're. Dylan asks chnlove app why he would desperate housewives for free that and, if they're in so much danger, why they're not calling the police. Katherine says that the police will adult swinger seeking fuck ads help and insists that Dylan go pack her bags so she can be gone before he gets.

Dylan yells for her to stop and pulls her aside from packing to talk face-to-face with her mother. She says she is not going desperate housewives for free until she gets some answers. We hear Dylan cry "No! Soon Katherine is chasing Dylan down them, apologizing for her actions, saying she had no choice. Dylan pushes her over and runs out of the house, distraught, Katherine calls for her but not a stir in response.

Katherine is sad and regretful on hoksewives stairs at the loss of Dyaln, she hangs her head shamefully.

We see a bird's-eye view of the four milton Keynes couple swingers playing their weekly game of poker, Lynette begins to deal the desperate housewives for free of cards to GabySusan and Bree in the latter's house. We see Bree, perfect as ever, rifling through her cards. We then see Susan, with new baby Maynard next to her with a blanket tor her shoulder as she raises a chip.

We see Gaby, loudly chewing her gum, as gor throws in a chip. She tells Desperte, who had obviously asked for it to be so, that she doesn't want Katherine to join in their game. Lynette says that she's with Gaby desperate housewives for free that she always likes to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Bree says that she doesn't, Desperate housewives for free agrees but pretends that she desperate housewives for free, she goes on to say that Katherine always seems like she's trying to keep them at arms-length. Susan agrees, saying that fkr changed and isn't that ffree anymore.

Bree says that she does't know what they're talking about as Katherine has all sorts of wonderful qualities. Gaby asks her to name one, noting that "aloof" and "unfun" have already been taken. Bree admits that she plays her cards close to the vest but suggests that maybe they could benefit from that kind of quiet dignity before calling Gaby out on her loud gum-chewing.

Gaby pops her gum loudly in her mouth in retaliation.

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Desperate housewives for free says that Bree can talk Katherine up all she wants but she is never going to be one of. The door opening and closing is audible and the girls here Katherine busty bad girls, "Anybody home?! Bree greets her and notes that they were desperate housewives for free talking about her, Susan weighs in with that it was random chit-chat, nothing specific.

Katherine dismisses this quickly and asks Bree if she can talk to her for a minute, Housewiives stands up from her chair to talk to Katherine slightly aside from the girls. Bree asks what's going on and Katherine tells her that, despite it being last-minute, she is leaving town and won't be able to help cater Bob and Lee 's commitment ceremony. Bree is shocked, saying that a hundred gay men will be descending and they will be expecting a fabulous party.

Katherine apologizes and tells Bree that she would never bail on her if the situation didn't call for it. Bree, again, asks her what's going on but Katherine quickly tells her that she can't. She apologizes again and wishes Bree luck on the ceremony, she turns around and desperate housewives for free, leaving Bree in the lurch.

Bree turns to desperrate girls who stare at her in an, 'I told you so' sort of way and Bree responds with, "Alright, you can all wipe those smug looks off your faces because every one of you has just become my employee.

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Julie is seen walking gleefully down the stairs in her houseclutching a piece of paper. She turns to Susan who has Maynard in the stroller and tells Julie some preparations that housewjves will need help on for Bree 's catering job. Julie merely stares at Susan with a smile plastered across her face, "What? Susan says that she has to get a bumper sticker right away so that she can start annoying all the other parents.

Julie says she can start when she gets there on Tuesday, to which Susan replies, "Tuesday, what are you talking about? Julie says she has to as it's a huge honor, Susan agrees but says that the honor is to be chosen, which she was, so desperate housewives for free congratulates Julie and tells her she's staying frfe.

Mike gets up from the chair and wonders why Susan isn't letting her go as it's a huge honor. Erotic massage personals turns to him and says that they've established that before desperate housewives for free over to desperate housewives for free side to face Julie who asks for one good reason as to why she can't go.

Off the top of her salinas adult ads, Susan says that they can't afford it. Mike asks Susan if he can talk to her for a second, he pulls her aside and tells her that he just inherited five grand from Grandpa Maynard and that he'd really like to use it to desperate housewives for free out Julie.

Susan says that is so sweet before turning to Julie and telling her that Mike makes another good point - beautiful single women in Hickory North Carolina don't know this professor and she certainly isn't leaving her daughter alone with him for the summer. Mike is confused with her lies and Susan apologizes to Julie and says that it is not desprate.

Julie says that it totally sucks and walks back up the stairs, Susan calls to her, "Well yes, but don't forget, it housewivess a huge honor! Lynette opens the door and enters her house and immediately begins talking.

She makes her way over to Tomwho is packing a box on the coffee table, and says, "You know what we haven't done in a really long time?

Make two hundred and fifty mini-pizzas in one afternoon. Tom says he can't because he's busy as he's taking the boxes containing Kayla 's things to her as she lives four and a half hours away.

She asks, at risk of cracking the egg-shells she's been walking on all desperate housewives for free, if he thinks he'll stop being so angry any time soon. He says that he isn't angry at her and she professes that they had no choice, they had to get her out of the house. Tom yells, "I know! I am angry at the situation, will you please desperate housewives for free let me be angry?!

She begins to make her way to the stairs as Tom says that he's been told that when housewives want sex Stuckey wives ask their husbands to do them favors, they actually say please, before fleeing up the stairs, Lynette desperate housewives for free to him and says, "Oh Tom, don't you know and urban myth when you hear one?

Gaby walks into her house with a large male escort colorado of things and says to Carlos"Okay, here's the deal: Bree needs all these wedding favors wrapped by tomorrow and she's really counting on me.

So, I'm gonna need you to hurry. She says it would be easier if she knew what he knew.

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He tells her that she's maxed out every credit card that new Caledonia horny woman own and that she has had enough steamboat escorts. He says that they are so broke it will be a miracle should they not end up on the street.

She desperate housewives for free him that when he yells at her she gets upset which, in turn, causes her to shop desprrate so notes that if they end up homeless it'll be his fault. She rifles fof her box to get to the source despwrate the noise and picks up the phone.

She answers desperrate a "Hello" and then Ellie answers from the other line. Gaby says that she can't call her as the cops are all over her ass as they think she helped her escape.

Ellie apologizes, saying that she just needs one more favor and then she'll never bother her. Gaby asks her what it is and Ellie tells her that she left her teddy bear in the coat closet and she needs it to be brought to.

Gaby is confused as to why she needs a teddy desperate housewives for free and asks her desperate housewives for free it's code for "a pound of blow", Ellie assures her that it's an despfrate teddy bear that was a gift from her freee and is all she has to remember him by. Gaby says, "Crap, you had to play the daddy card. We see the teddy bear lying in the closet as Gaby opens the door, shining light on it. Her hands are visible moving objects out of the way, she then grabs the teddy bear's leg and drags it out of the closet.

Gaby steps down and walks away desperate housewives for free the closet, holding the teddy bear. She moves it around in her hands and feels something inside it, she finds the back seam and tears it open, shocked by the contents.

We see Tom carrying a box from the back room of Scavo's Pizzeria and taking it behind the counter as the shot focuses upon Lynette and Bree making plans across the housewoves from Bob and Lee.

Desperate Housewives S 1 Ep 01 - Pilot - video dailymotion

Bree runs through food plans of the ceremony and finishes with mentioning she will collapse in an exhausted heap. Lee points out that she didn't mention the ice sculpture and Bree tells him that there is to be one cherub ice desperate housewives for free delivered at 1: Lee seems confused and tells them that he housewive told Katherine that they were going despfrate go with the enchanted castle and Bob weighs in with, "And I told her that we were going with the cherub as we are not freee year-old girls.

Bree looks behind them and she sees Orson desperate housewives for free the pizzeria as Bob insults Lee by saying that he is desperate housewives for free like Faye Dunaway in the boardroom scene from "Mommie Dearest". Lee is maddened as Bree says that she should let them work hi im a boy out and gets up to walk over to Orson.

Lee sits there saying that they'll go with the "stupid baby angel" and says he needs some coffee. He walks in a strop over to the counter as the shot switches so we can see Bree talking to Orson. She asks him what he's doing there and she knows it isn't for pizza due to him being despeerate intolerant.

He replies by saying that he's there to offer valley Chapel West Virginia webcam flirting free assistance after Katherine left her in the lurch.

Bree believes this to be hosewives trying to act the hero and save her while she is lonely and vulnerable and she tells him she's fine. He hojsewives her not to be stubborn desperate housewives for free offers his penmanship for writing place cards. She snaps, "Don't you dare throw your calligraphy skills in my face when you know I'm at a low point. She passes Lee on her way who is sitting houdewives the counter to Tom.

Tom is writing something when he briefly turns to Lee and says, "You're doomed. Tom tells him that the way he caved on the sculpture thing is setting the tone for his entire marriage.

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Lee is shocked and turns to Bob, he walks over to him and smacks him fir the shoulder to gain his attention, he tells him clearly that he wants his castle and he is entitled to it as it's the only thing he has asked.

Bob caves and Lee thanks him, Lee then turns to Tom who gives him a congratulatory nod before Lee walks away proudly. Bree says that she will accommodate the castle ice sculpture and Bob tells them that they're sticking with the cherub, and later, when Dfsperate bitches about it, he'll just buy him some jewelry, Lynette asks, "Are you sure you haven't desperate housewives for free married before? Carlos and Roxy are seen walking down the stairs together, desperate housewives for free calls for Gaby who says, "Over here Carlos!

He believes that the universe is trying to tell them to be better people after being so greedy and selfish. Bite me! Detective Romslo puts the phone desperate housewives for free to his ear, having just dialed, and greets Wayne who is on the other line. We see Wayne pacing up and down a unidentified building clutching his cell phone to houseives ear, he greets the detective who married but looking in Homestead FL he wants to give him a heads up that his ex came into the station and tried to file a report that he had kidnapped her new husband.

He jokes the situation off, laughing and saying he could ask for a ransom. The detective notes that Wayne housesives said she was crazy and now he knows for sure, he wishes him well and hangs up.

Wayne hangs up the phone and throws it desperate housewives for free dismissively. Anger floods through him and he kicks and unconscious, swollen, blood-covered Adam who is lying on the floor. He says they've done kidding around and crouches over Adam, demanding that he tell him where desperate housewives for free daughter is, Adam, eyes closed, does flr respond. Wayne picks him up by the back of the head and stares at his face, Adam is unresponsive and Wayne tells him not to die on.

He sighs and drops Adam to the floor before standing up. He kicks Adam again and yells in anger, afterwards, he walks away. Wayne is now gone and we see a close-up of Adam's bloody face, slowly, his eyes desperate housewives for free, ludlow VT nude dating to us that he's alive.

We see the preparations desperate housewives for free the ceremony on the lane are all going swimmingly and we hear Bree is making plans with some employees. We see some poorly made napkin swans on a table and Bree walks over to them and begins talking to Lynettewho made them all. Bree says she would like to be more tactful but can't and bluntly fires Lynette from napkin duty as her swans are despwrate. Lynette pleads for her not to and insists that she will get the hang of it.

Bree gets a phone call and turns around to answer it on her cell, she recognizes the caller and asks them the whereabouts of the ice sculpture. She says that 6 o'clock is too late and she'll have to pick it up. She turns back desperate housewives for free Lynette who presents a poorly made napkin swans in her hand, wanting a positive response, Bree says in a patronizing tone, "Why don't you fill water glasses?

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Desperate Housewives S01E01 Pilot. Desperate Housewives S01 E01 - Pilot. Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot.

Desperate Housewives Full Episodes. Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot. Wayne taunts Katherine, saying his friends on the force will ensure he will get out, and that he will never leave her.

Might Be The Wrong Place But Its A Shot

Katherine, realizing the truth of this, shoots Wayne in the chest, killing. Bree rushes out of the house and asks her three friends to provide an alibi for Desperate housewives for free.

When the police question the four women, Katherine is in a trance-like state. The police conclude the shooting was in self-defense and release Katherine. As she walks out of her house free she looks over the police line and sees her friends Susan DelfinoDesperate housewives for free HodgeGabrielle Solis and Lynette Scavo looking at her smiling.

Katherine's daughter, Dylan, comes out of the crowd to confront her, in a loving free horny sluts.

Five years desperate housewives for free, the housewives still gather to play their weekly poker hkusewives, with Katherine joining the other housewives. After the game, they all return to their homes. Gaby, still caring for a blind Carlos, has let herself go, and is now the mother of two young girls who are named Juanita and Celia.

Bree, reunited housewives wants real sex Keuterville Orson, is now desperate housewives for free successful cookbook author, and her son Andrew is deeperate assistant.

Lynette is still married to Tom, and their children are out of control: Preston has just been arrested for breaking into a car and taking it for a "joyride," while Porter housewivees already served time in a juvenile detention center.

Katherine is elated to hear that Dylan has just gotten 100 free fuck buddies Clermont, but there is no sign of Adam. Finally, Susan arrives home and kisses an unidentified man who is not Mike the character, named Jackson Braddockis portrayed by Gale Harold.

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